Monday, January 23, 2012

BBC - Go Home Day
It is always sad to send people home, especially those from our home church.  They are our family and they have encouraged us so much.  But it is time.
We have been so on-the-go all week that we saved shopping for the last day.  Everyone made their lists and were checking it twice.  Even me.  I love shopping, though I rarely buy.  I could LOOK all day.  Everyone got what they wanted and we went home to pack.
Pastor Michael and Bev at the Craft Shops

Bethany didn’t get to ‘do a safari’ so Lynn and I took them to the Entebbe Wildlife center.  It is small but it has all of the Ugandan animals there.  It was a good weather day--perfect for taking pictures.

The first thing MacKenzie and I did was to ride a camel.  I decided that I am ‘making memories’ so, although it was not a comfortable ride, I can say that I did it.

Here are some of the pictures:
Free-to-roam Vervet Monkeys
Crested Crane - Uganda's national bird


White Rhino - one of the few left in Uganda


Finally, we went to a good restaurant with a view of Lake Victoria and had a leizurely meal.  Their plane was scheduled to leave at 11:50pm, but didn’t actually leave until 1:30 a.m.

Perfect weather to sit outside

Lynn having Lake Victoria fresh Tilipia
Fish head anyone?

The end of a good day and a great trip for Bethany Baptist

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