Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Eve, part 2

During the second half of Christmas Eve day,  we ladies spent the afternoon getting ready for Christmas eve dinner.  We  were having ham with all the trimmings and rolls and a pumpkin dessert and pecan pie.  

Last year Lynn and I had invited some young single men to join us and we had a great time.  We did that again this year, adding one new one.  Our family is far away but we have a family here to share with.

So-- two Skuzas, 5 from Bethany BC, 5 young men and  a young couple who are staying next door to us trying to finish adopting two children. (They have been here 9 months and are so ready to go home).  

16  of us together -- different races and tribes, different languages, different lifestyles--all of us together to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Awesome!
Christmas tree along with a fan

MacKenzie chatting with the guys

Ribben Family

Pastor Michael

Ivan and Erma

Lynn, Bernice and Bev

We sang, some in English and some in Luganda, and heard once again the wonderful story of our Jesus’ birth. 
Emma leading us in Worship

Pastor Dearn drumming 

Lynn sharing the Christmas Story
We shared the food baskets.


Brothers - Edson and Ivan

 Single, living alone  --  A home-cooked "muzungu" meal and food to take home.  They were appreciative.

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