Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kids' Klub at Kasakoso (Bethany BC)

Bethany Baptist team

Dec 23   
The plan for these  days was to go to three of our network churches, do some prayer walking, and then have a Kids’ Klub for the children.  

Four of Lynn’s college students who have been wanting to get involved in ministry showed up to help out.  The church, along with our college students, led in praise and worship for about an hour before our “program” started.  

Pastor Michael and Bev told the Nativity story using  a manger scene props.  After they finished we decided to tell the story again. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out - having to translate from English to Luganda, but I have discovered that Ugandan children love acting out stories.  

Angel Gabriel
We chose some of the older children and they acted it out as I told the story.  The children loved it, their parents appreciated seeing their children, and everybody got to hear the story twice.

During the worship time I was standing at the back corner of the church and I heard a noise and turned around to see eyes at all the cracks in the wall.  There were children outside looking to see what was happening inside.

Juice in a bag

Mackenzie and Jan handing out cookies

Afterwards, the children got cookies and juice.  And every member of the church got beans and rice.   

Pastor Michael carrying in one of the heavy bags of posho

Pastor John with beans and posho
Black hands/ white hands.  Everyone working together.

Lynn handing out beans and posho to the members of the church
Other cute pictures:
Who is imitating who?

Seeing himself in the mirror

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