Monday, January 23, 2012

Prayer Walking with Bethany BC

December 26
Kalerwe church
At the next church, Kalerwe, we had time to prayer walk the area around the church before the children came.  Somehow prayer walking always leads to opportunities to share with people, and today was no exception.   
The first lady we shared with wanted to know if we were “Jehovah’s”.  She was confused, as are many, about all the different denominations.  What makes one Christian and not another.  She asked that we come back another day and talk more about what it means to be a Christian.

The path my team followed

A little farther down the path, we started a conversation with a man who said he was “backslidden”.   I wanted to know what he meant by “backslidden” because I have heard others say that.  What he meant was that he had stopped going to church.  Why?  “See me,  I am a poor man.”  So?  “I do not have the right clothes to go to church”.  I tried to explain that God does not care what clothes we wear.  He cares about our hearts.  (I guess people in the church are not always in agreement with me about that).  

Paul,  Sadat,  and Abasie 
Another young man started asking questions so I asked if I could tell him a story (Creation2Christ). His two friends wanted to hear it, too.  The first man disappeared but I told the story to these three and we were soon surrounded by 10-12 other men.  

These three, Sadat, Paul, and Abasie all prayed to receive Christ.  I tried to make sure that they understood the commitment; that Christ changes hearts and lives. It is NOT an add-onto-what-I-already-do-religion. These were Muslim men so the commitment was big.
When we returned to the Church we heard the same story in the other groups.  Nine men had chosen to become Christ followers today.

Returning with a happy smile

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