Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bethay BC visits Agape Children's Village

We have learned that in the scheme of things here --never have plans set in stone.  Events rarely happen the way you plan. 

  Agape is an orphanage and a school but school is out December and January for “summer vacation”. We had contacted Agape CV and they told us there were only 24 orphans there presently.  So our team brought gifts for twenty four:  food for the orphanage, books and crayons for each child living there and a gift for each of the Maama’s living in the 4 cottages being used.
It is about a half hour drive to Agape CV from Kampala

Team from Bethany BC,  WA   

We played a few field games with balls and a few games with a parachute.  They loved them all.  And on that hot day I knew that we needed to have plenty to drink.  As they played, more and more children showed up. 

Kids love relays and games

The parachute was a new thing for them.
There might be only 24 staying here but the whole village knew we were coming. 

We all knew better, we just didn’t think. 

By the time we had worship and stories, we probably had well over 100 kids.  Not saying that is bad, just saying plans were revised a couple of times. 

Somehow the cookies multiplied, the bananas were halved, the juice was poured into plastic bags (quite common here and easier than finding 100 extra cups).  Everyone was satisfied.
At the end, after the village kids left, we gave out gifts to the orphans and Maamas.

Maama Grace, one of the four receiving her gift from Angela
Maama Grace's daughter helped us with games and interpretation

 I think we were all satisfied that everyone had a good time and that we had helped.  When we left the beans and posho  we learned that the leaders had been praying about the food situation.  During summer they have no income from school fees so they weren't sure how they were going to feed the children during the school break.

250 lb bags of beans

They had not told us that they needed food and we had not told them we were bringing any.  But our Father knows.  And His timing is perfect.

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