Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Eve, part 1

Our project for this Christmas Eve morning  was to deliver food baskets.  The Bethany ladies and I would go to Namuwongo where “my girls” all live.  

Entrance to the Namuwongo Slum

I forgot a few things, like how hard it is to get into the slum.  One has to cross a rickety old bridge, which is repaired but not good


Bernice and Erma

and then cross another smaller but more sturdy one.  None of the ground is level anywhere.

We first went to Winnie and Jennifer’s house.  Four of us ladies and four teenagers crowded into a small (maybe 4 x 6ft.) sitting area.  They were so welcoming and so gracious.

Friend, Jennifer, and Winnie

Winnie then took us to Prossy’s house and on the way it started to rain lightly.  Oops - no raincoats or umbrellas.  Prossy lives with her mom and 8 brothers and sisters in their grandma’s house.  It might be slightly bigger and she owns a TV and a refrigerator. (that was my first time to see a refrigerator in the slums).  We stayed only long enough to meet, greet, and leave the food basket.
By now it was pouring rain so we returned to the van and drove to Lydia’s.  Lydia had gone to the village but her mother was so excited about us coming. We sat on her bed and visited a few minutes while MacKenzie played with a little chick that lived inside the house.

Later,  Lynn, Pastor Michael and MacKenzie delivered baskets to the Naguru slum where Lynn's groups are.  He wanted to give to those who had been faithful in coming to training sessions each week during the past year.

Mackenzie and Pastor Michael giving a basket

Each of these families were blessed  -- but not nearly as much as we were.

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