Friday, July 2, 2010

Homestay - Day 2

This has been a full day. We woke up early. We dressed and were ready to go before sunrise. We walked about 4-5 km to Pastor’s cornfield. We harvested corn for about 3 hours then Amos took us to harvest g-nuts (peanuts). I got the impression that they were told to let us do some work without much expectation that we would really work.

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We came home about noon. I did the dishes while Mary cooked lunch. They taught me how to cook the nshima. I wasn’t very good at it. It reminds me of making playdough. Their daughter kept laughing at how I was stirring it and when it got really thick, I had to use to hands. She used one—easily.


Lynn and the Pastor spent most of the time sitting under a tree discussing life.

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