Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aggie's Ladies

One of the former members of Life's Journey Church is now a missionary here in Uganda. His wife Aggie works with these ladies. They make beads and other arts and crafts. One day the team came to visit them and we were greeted in typical Ugandan style --praise and worship.

They showed us their many beads. These were just a few that they hung on a line. All the rest were on tarps on the ground and unfortunately I didn't take a picture.

These ladies live next to a huge stone quarry and many of them work there each day. They sit with their hammars and break up the rocks into smaller stones. It is tedious work and does not pay much but they are happy to have a job. Some of the team members tried their hand at breaking up the rocks. The ladies laughed at us as we struggled to do what they did easily, but they loved it that we tried.


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