Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alabama team

We were blessed by the team that came from Life's Journey Church in Huntsville, Alabama. They came ready to work. We went into two different slum areas, Nateete and Naguru. The first day in each area the team went door to door to share the Gospel. The next day they came back to the same area to set up an eye clinic and share the Gospel.

Pastor Keith was amazing. Whenever he started sharing he would soon have a crowd of men around him listening and asking many questions.

With the help of some of our local pastors we set up a big tent to house the people coming for the eye clinic. It was full most of the time. It was quite orderly and everyone was patient as they sat and waited their turn.

Tables were set up for testing for glasses. These were just reading glasses but they tried to be as accurate as possible. After being fitted with glasses the team then took the opportunity to share the Gospel with each individual.

Between 450 and 500 pairs of glasses were given out during the week. People were thankful that they could now see.

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