Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nkere Church, Kawempe


This was our first time to go to Nkere Church. It is on the far side of Kampala. You can only drive so far and then you have to get out and walk. Not an easy walk. This is another one of the churches that does not have a building. The landlord is a member of the church and has graciously allowed them to meet on her property. The tarps help keep out the sun and rain if it is not too heavy. Pastor Deo told us that if it rains you cannot get in or out of the area because it floods.

All of our churches start off with such a good time of worship. Today we sang. Then the older children's choir sang. Then the Women's choir sang. It was a special treat.


Lynn got to preach while Pastor Deo interpreted.


This was the children's choir. You can see the community bathroom behind the children. This was the first one I had seen built up like that. I assume it is because of the flooding.


After the service, everyone stayed for lunch. We didn't know about that ahead of time so it was a delicious surprise. We had matooke (cooking bananas), rice, g-nut sauce (peanut), and beef --a typical African meal.

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