Thursday, June 24, 2010

Homestay in Petauke


Today is the first day of "homestay". Lynn and I have cleared out our tents and are ready to go to stay with our family for the next three days. We have to take all of this stuff with us and we are walking.


We are staying in the home of Pastor Amos and Mary Mwale. They have eight children. We walked to their house from camp - probably about 1 km. Pastor Amos had a bike so we put the 2 mattresses on it. I pulled the suitcase and Lynn carried a camera, backpack, choo (indoor potty, and a big bag of things to give to our family.

Amos is a pastor and also a farmer. Mary can't speak English so I did a lot of watching and using sign language. I watched Mary cook lunch inside their outdoor kitchen which had one door, no window nor any way for air to circulate or smoke to go out.. She cooked over wood and the smoke made me cry nearly the whole time.


We ate each meal with the pastor, separately from the family. We sat inside while the rest of the family ate outside. We would leave and go to our bedroom at about 7 p.m. so that the rest of the family could come in. There were no lights so going to bed was just about the only option.

Our bedroom is one of three rooms. Our two mattresses that we brought just fit side by side.

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