Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving to Petauke

After 12 days in the city, we moved by bus about 5 hrs away to a smaller town called Petauke. We lived in bush camp and it was camping at its best. We all enjoyed our time there. We all had large tents with mattresses in them.

We had outdoor camping showers which were rigged with a bucket with a shower head on a pulley system. We filled our buckets that we pumped from a well and set them out to warm during the day. We could have heated them but it really wasn’t necessary. We also had great cooks and the food was good.


Our DFAs (daily field assignments) here were much the same as in the city. We asked some of the same questions but found much more tradition. Each day we loaded up into a truck and rode into town. It was kind of like going on a hayride.

This was our helper Peter.

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