Friday, June 18, 2010



Our daily assignments were progressive in nature. First, we just went out to observe. We had a partner and a Zambian helper. My partner was Shannon and our helper was Bridget. She took good care of us, helping us not to make too many mistakes.

Lynn’s partner was Ken – Shannon’s husband. Every morning we walked to the area where we could catch a taxi -- buses that usually carry 14(limit) or many more. We went to an area that our helpers were very familiar with.

As the days went by we learned how to properly approach and greet people--which is so important here. Relationships are everything! We learned the right questions to ask we learned how to share the gospel. The approach is different from the States because there is a different “worldview” here.
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One of the popular snacks was caterpillars. They are usually fried then put into a sauce. I had to try one day just to prove to Lynn that I would. Not too much taste but it got stuck in my throat. I had it later in a sauce and it wasn’t too bad. Another favorite (NOT) was kapenta, which are little dried fish that they also put into a sauce. They are sold in the dried form in the markets, and they STINK!.

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