Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lusaka - At the Beginning

At last 40/40 had come. We had been anticipating it ever since we arrived in Uganda. We knew it was in Zambia. We knew that it would be intense. And yet we were excited, knowing that we would see many of our friends that we had met in Virginia. We left Kampala early in the morning and flew, first to Nairobi, Kenya then on to Lusaka.

We got settled into the Baptist Seminary there and worked on establishing “the routine”. We started off every morning with breakfast, then small group Bible study, and then our day’s DFA (daily field assignment).

Home for lunch, debriefing, then a talk each day by an African colleague that would explain African culture and get us ready for the next day’s DFA.

Of course, we had to have down time in the evenings. Rummicub was the favorite.

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