Sunday, April 11, 2010

Soweto Celebration Point

We continue to visit the Celebration churches. Today we went
to Soweto. This church meets in a space between two buildings with tarps over the top for the roof, thus the orange color of everything. It is long and very narrow, just about 4 chairs wide. As usual Lynn and I got to stand up and introduce ourselves. Lynn was using Luganda, but then we realized that maybe they understood and maybe they didn't. Most of them were from a different tribe and spoke Lwo. That is why English is spoken so much -- to unify all the different languages.

The music was very different from the Lugandan churches. They
had a guitar and also played stringed instruments called idungus.
It was very nice. ( I was thinking that here is another instrument that I would like to learn to play.)

We saw two churches and a mosque on the way. That was within about a 3- block walk-in.

Coming out all the little children wanted to hold Lynn's hands. When we got to a ditch that they couldn't jump, everyone said "bye".

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