Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baptism at Lake Victoria

Mukama Yebazibwe! (Praise the Lord!) Today Lynn and I went to the Life Way Baptist Church for the first time. We met Pastor Kosmos. Lynn ended up preaching again. He didn’t know that he would be called on until they called on him after praise and worship. You always have to be prepared and ready to go. Lynn has several sermons prepared and ready to go AND in his Bible.

After church we drove down to Lake Victoria (about a 10-minute drive) where we had a baptism. This was our first one and there were 11 candidates. When we first drove up, most had not arrived so we had time to look around. To our right was a group of people sitting around and Angela (another missionary) and I noticed that one man was smoking a cigarette and another woman was smoking a pipe. That’s a fairly unusual sight for Kampala. One of the pastors came over a few minutes later and told us that that group of people was waiting to see the local witch doctor who lived just behind the fence. He saidthe lady was probably smoking some kind of drugs “to get her life straight”. We always have the baptisms in the same place partially as a witness to these people.

Andrew Berry gave an explanation of baptism and with him were two pastors interpreting what he said into Luganda and Lwo. It is so good to see it. I saw one lady with a little baby so I volunteered to hold her while Mom and Dad were being baptized. (Someone had to do it.:) When the baptism was finished we also dedicated to the Lord three babies and their parents. This has been a great day!
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