Sunday, March 21, 2010

City High School

On Wednesday, we went to City High School to attend their Bible Way Club after school. Bible Way has a series of either 10 or 12 books that are Bible studies the students work through. They learn scripture memory it and answer questions about what they learn. At the end of the fifth book they earn a Bible. It is really cool! There are about 60,000 people going through the series presently.

This young lady was in charge of getting the Bible materials to each student and then turning them in when the student was finished

The small room was filled with 50-60 students. They greeted us very formally and thanked us for coming. We sang worship songs and then divided into groups so that we could learn more about each other. Our team members gave some testimonies and tried to encourage the students. We ourselves were encouraged by what we saw, especially their dedication to learning more about the Bible. Awesome!

These were some boys waiting around after school. As always they wanted to pose for pictures.

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  1. Good blog! I really like all the pictures which bring to life what you guys are doing there in Uganda. Keep up the good work.