Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Early Team - "The Beginning"

We had a fantastic week with the team from Texas.
I want to tell this story in parts to get more pictures in.

The team from Early, TX arrived March 5. They stayed at the Emmaus Guest house just up the road from us. These young people were ages 17-22 . They were enthusiastic, well-trained , and all of them loved the Lord and were ready to share that love with the people here.

The first day we had an orientation and then we went to exchange money and eat lunch. That was a challenge! You go into the food court --yes, we have one here just like at any mall at home. But the difference is that when you go in and sit down, at least 5-6 waiters will surround you to give you their menu. It is slightly overwhelming because you don't even have a chance to see what kind of foods are available.

That evening we went to our first house church celebration in Katanga. Along with all the adults there are always so many children and they always want to touch you.
And talk.
And have their picture taken.
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