Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kalerwe Celebration Point

Will anyone show up today? By the time we got to church it was starting to rain and most were coming by walking or on boda-bodas (motorcycles).

This is another of the churches that is lucky to have a covered building. By the time church was going we had a fairly good group.

We were met by smiling faces of the some of the children. Everyone was happy to be at church to worship the Lord.

Jan getting her first drumming lesson from Medina. She works for us and is the worship leader for this church. She comes across town to help with this church. I have always wanted to learn to drum but there's a lot more to it than I would have imagined. But it makes for great worship!

Lynn was asked to preach a couple of days ahead of time. He insists that he is a "teacher", not a preacher, but he did a great job. Lynn told them that since he was a teacher he wanted them to listen very closely because he was going to give them a test at the end. They all participated and then they started asking him questions --some of them not easy to answer. It was a good service.
It is interesting to speak using an interpreter. His interpreter was the pastor of the church.


  1. Watch out, Uncle Lynn. You start asking them questions, they start asking you questions, and the Holy Ghost might start answering!! :)

  2. Jan, you're going to have to give us all lessons on the drums when you get back! Have fun learning! :)

  3. Looks like you are settling in fast. I am happy to read about it.