Sunday, February 14, 2010

Logobo Celebration

Lynn and I went to Logobo, one of our many “Celebration points” (house churches) yesterday. We were greeted as we came in and seated on a special bench in the front of the church. For the next hour or so we listened to and participated in praise and worship. Some was it was in English but most of this service was in Luganda.

Every group (from children to Moms of children) sang today in honor of the guests. Every song was accompanied by drums and most also had dancing and/or clapping. It was joyous!

Andrew Berry (our supervisor) preached a good sermon on Love with the pastor translating into Luganda. Afterwards, the pastor asked Lynn to come up and take 5 minutes to encourage the people. It was unexpected but Lynn did encourage them. Later they told us that often the “missionary” will be asked to preach on the spot so we should always have one in our pocket. Christina and I had been asked to teach the children but that was forgotten in the process and that was ok with me, not knowing what to expect. It was a very good service. It is so amazing that when we worship the Lord it doesn’t matter where we are or what language is spoken or who is there. It is still Worship!!

The building is being paid for and built by the people themselves as they can. This week, 12 new sheets of metal were put on the roof. It is their church and they are so proud of it.

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