Monday, February 22, 2010

A Walk On Tank Hill

Lynn and I live on Tank Hill in Muyenga which is a part of Kampala. Saturday we decided to walk around the neighborhood and greet everyone we could with our Luganda greetings. Just about a block away
from our house we could see the city across the way. Kampala is laid out on 10 hills.

Practically every home that is not in the slums is a part of a compound
and is surrounded by a high wall. On the wall is usually either broken glass as you can see in this picture or razor barbed wire sometimes with an electric wire going down the middle.

We headed up the next hill to Muyenga Baptist Church. We had not seen it yet and it is within walking distance. On the the way was a sign saying that there was a dangerous cliff ahead. It was scarey but this picture doesn't do it justice because you can see the straight-down view that we saw.

We found the Muyenga church and were surprised to see
that it was a completed building. What was funny was that
there was a cow inside. We didn't know if it had just found
its way in and couldn't get out or if it had been placed in there on purpose. Either way the cow was mooing and sounded like he
wanted out.

On the way home two girls joined up with us - Enna and Tracey.
They were very friendly and wanted to come home with us. They
had just gotten out of school for the day (Saturday). We asked
if they spoke Luganda in school and they said no that if they were
caught speaking any language beside English they would be caned.
There are several languages spoken here and the teacher doesn't
anyone to cheat.

Lynn is beside our gate. It is a big double gate that a car can come
through and within that gate is a smaller gate that people who have
a key can come in. It reminds me of the "eye of the needle"
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