Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to the Island, part 2

Trip to the Island, part 2

A little background to our involvement.  Calvary Chapel started in Entebbe about 6 years ago and it has little by little been adding to its ministry.  They have a church, a school, and now 15 acres of land that has been donated to them on the island for ministry there. 

The island has a lot of witchcraft and is very dark.  One of the pastors and his wife were sent to stay there and start a work.  They came back in a few days and said they could not stay there because of the evil.  But the land is excellent and a garden is growing to feed the children of their school.  They also have pigs and are wanting to expand to be able to take care of needs.

The first rototiller I have seen

Back on the mainland at the school they are trying to add one more grade level each year as they are able.  The have a craft room where about 20 or so Moms are learning to sew (they don’t use patterns here) and do other crafts.  They had only 6 sewing machines for all of them.  Tammy and her people from Arkansas donated one more to them.  Great excitement!

Children come to school free, which is almost unheard of in Uganda.  Parents are required to work in some way at the school a few hours a week in order for their children to be able to attend.  It has worked out very well. 

Coworker Tammy in the School play yard

So many schools here lack supplies, good teachers, good organization.  It is wonderful to see one that is on the right track.

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