Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to the Island, part 1

Trip to the Island, part 1
Coworker Tammy and I went to the Island with a Medical team this week.  Our purpose was to go and watch and see how we could possibly come along side and help.  Our leaders were a nurse, Diana, who feels called to help the people on the islands since the government has a “no help, nor resources” attitude for them.  The other was Jane who goes to conduct a Bible club for the children while the clinic is going on.
Tammy and I in a huge canoe traveling to the island

Carrying in the Supplies

They had not been there on a consistent basis lately because of lack of funds so the first thing we did while the clinic was being set up was to walk to the island’s school and see children and let them know that we were there.  It was about 3 miles in and then back.

Jane leading us to the island's school

The clinic was well organized with four stations: the first was where the ladies came and found their own medical records.  Records were in stacks and the ladies had to sift through them to find their own.

The second station:  little ones got their shots.

Third and fourth stations:  other issues with the Moms and children were taken care of.  We were very impressed at the quality of work and how well things flowed.

I stayed with Jane to watch what she did with the Bible club.  It was everything that one would expect:  singing, Bible story, memory verse, coloring pages, snacks.  We even plaited banana leaves to make a jump rope.

Getting everything Ready


Coloring Pages to go with the Story

Lots of Singing

Making our own Jump Rope

Eager Faces

Team member Renee told the Creation-to-Christ story for those who were waiting.  One young mother, Zulaika, invited Jesus into her heart.  Another lady, Gertrude, was visited and she too heard the story and invited Christ into her life.

Renee Storying Creation to Christ

Zulaika Praying 

It was a full day and we were tired but so glad we had gone.  Two new sisters in Christ and many sick taken care of.  

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