Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flip-flop Problem

As a missionary (I think this also includes Moms everywhere) we learn the word “flexible” and get to use it a lot.  There are times when we need to be creative with what we do.
Taylor children and Grandpa at the airport
Coming back with us from Texas to Uganda were the Taylor kids.  They have practically become family (We are Aunt Jan and Uncle Lynn) so it was no problem to bring them home from the Grandmas’.  We met them at DFW airport just a couple of hours before we flew out.
Karis had on flip-flops and in the first few minutes we were there the toe strap broke. Flip-flops without a toe strap to hold them on are pretty worthless.   Bags had already been checked and she had no other shoes with her.  So what to do?
We checked at all the stores in the airport and while there were adult flip-flops at a couple of places there was nothing for a 7-year old.  We had an 18-hour flight ahead of us with a 9-hour layover in London.  Going barefooted probably wouldn’t be a very good option.
How can we fix the flip-flop?  How can we make the toe strap stay in?  Finally, I figured out a possibility.  I had a safety pin in my carry-on and I thought maybe we could use that to keep in the strap in place.  Sure enough, I stuck the pin through the rubber strap underneath the shoe and it held the whole way home.

Funny remedy, but, it worked.  

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