Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OBU Students - June

Our Kampala team received word this week that there was a team of 7 students from Oklahoma Baptist University who were stranded here in Kampala.  We invited them over to hear their story and see what they needed.  
Back in the States, Ben had located a small mission here in Kampala run by a gentleman from South Africa.  His organization has been here about 7 years  and it looked interesting.  Ben contacted him and decided that it was worthy to come and help out this summer.  He then enlisted 7 other students to be a part.  Three of them are studying to become physical therapists and two of them are in medical fields.  They thought they would be able to use their skills as part of their assignment.
When they got here they found that things had changed because that gentleman was sick and had been in a car accident and there was no one else to take over.  Ben’s grandfather had been a missionary in Africa, so he called him.  Through his grandfather’s connections they contacted us.
There are many ways to minister here in Kampala so we gave some options to see what they would like to do.  They have already been to house churches in two different slum areas, helped paint walls in an orphanage, and interacted with university students. Though their plans were disrupted they are willing and eager to be “out there” serving.
For me, this story is about God’s sovereignty.  Our team had requested summer missionaries and through some miscommunication, that fell through.  Our Father knew that these 8 students would need a place and a mission.
Pray that our Kampala team will see the places of need that will most fit their skills and interests and help them to grow.

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