Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 3 GA team - new area of Kimombasa

Today it is just Lynn, Pastor Benin, and I in our small group walking into a new area of the slum.  

Where we have been there is a channel that cuts through.  As we were walking to the new area we came to the end of the waterway where it goes under the highway.  About the last 25-30 ft. was trash - mostly plastic and stuff that does not burn well.  We asked what happened when it rains.  Instead of washing away, the water backs up in the channel and floods the houses.

The first 3 ladies we met called themselves ‘business women’. No husbands - so they have to take care of themselves. They are somehow able to take care of the three families with 10 children living in two rooms.  Their pr@yer was for more business -- they didn’t have much to sell that I could see, just cookies and cigarettes.  They also need a better home.  Theirs floods quite frequently because they live right next to the channel.  They rent that home for 10,000 UGS (about $5 US) and that is about all that they can afford.   And, as so common, they need school fees for their children.  None of them go to school.

3 of their 10 children
Our next stop was at Heritage College, a high school.  We met the deputy. (I think that is the same as the Principal).  We just wanted to make contact with them so that we might come on another day and share with their students.  She told us that the school was founded on Christian principles and she first wanted to make sure that we were not a cult.  We did receive an invitation to go back.

Our last visit of the morning was to this lady.  She is disabled and has a heart for the old and disabled.  She was a Catholic, but not born again.  She is another that listened but did not make any decisions.

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