Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 GA team - Surprised by Joy!

This week we are walking through Kimombasa slum sharing the Gospel with those who will listen.  I was the only female in our small group so I got to share several times with other ladies.  

This was a fun time.  I sat down right between these two ladies, Pauline and Resty, and shared.  They were both Catholics, but only because their parents were.  Both went to church occasionally.  At the end they said “they would think about it”  
I asked to take their picture and shot the first one without them realizing that I was taking it.   They were both smiling and laughing.    So then I took another and told them to ‘smile’. This is what I got.  I think it is funny that the "pose" of nearly every picture I take of adults is so serious.  They have beautiful smiles that they don’t show.

The rest of the story is that while I was talking to these two there were two high school students standing nearby listening.  They continued to stand there even after I had finished so I went over to speak to them. 

Nashira and Racheal
 They had heard my ‘story’ --twice. (they had followed me from the previous spot)  They were ready to make a decision.  I questioned them to make sure they understood and then led them to pr@y.  I talked to them further because, for them, there could be major consequences.  They understood that but went ahead.  They will help each other.

The ways of the Father are so surprising to me!  I was surprised and a little disappointed when the first two ladies decided to wait.  But then I turn around and two are waiting for me to share with them so they can act upon their decision. PTL

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