Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traveling to Nairobi

We left early Sunday morning, April 17, to go Nairobi for our Annual Meeting of East Africa.  Lynn and I rode with the Taylor family and in Jinja we joined another family to drive in caravan.
We made it through the border fairly easily.  It only took about one and a half hours.  We stayed the night in Nakuru which helped to break up the trip.  

Monday morning we stopped at Lake Elementariat (Swahili for ‘dirt’) to see the flamingos.  Often there are thousands of birds there so that the lake appears to have floating pink islands.  There weren’t so many this time but enough to get the idea.  There were also swans and other water birds.  

The guide told us that the locals believe in the gods and that one of them was represented by the brown hills in the background.  He(one of the gods) is lying down face up.  Lynn lay on the ground to demonstrate it.  (Dork)

Of course, when we were ready to go the children came to sell us ‘flowers’ they had made out of feathers.

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