Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Tune with God

Right now I am thinking about what it takes to keep in tune with God.  
This afternoon I went downstairs to get on-line.  I was chatting with my daughter when the Sunday guard came up to me and ask about the BMU (Baptist Mission); what’s it all about?  I told him it was made up of missionaries who had come to Uganda to share Jesus Christ with others.  He was interested.   But I said that I was talking to my daughter and I would talk to him in a few minutes.
He stood there a few minutes and I suddenly thought, “He wants to talk now, I can talk to my daughter later.”  So I closed up my computer and invited Gideon to sit down and talk.  I ask him what he knew about Jesus.  He was a Catholic but had learned a lot about Jesus from sermons he had heard and from school (yes, you can talk about the Bible, Jesus, etc here).  In fact, he knew what it meant to be a born-again believer, he just didn’t know how to become one.  So, I led him through the steps and he prayed to accept Christ into his life.
As we continued to talk, Gideon told me he was here at our compound just for today.  He was substituting-- trying to get some ‘over-time’ so that he could pay school fees for his two sisters.  I asked him if he had gone to school.  He had finished S4 (10th grade) but that is when both his parents died.  He is male and the oldest (age 22) so it is his responsibility to take care of the family.  So, he moved to Kampala and found a job as a night guard.  The sisters are in an orphanage in the village because it is easier to go to school there.  He can pay for school “little by little”.
The point of my story, as awesome as it is, is that I almost missed the opportunity.   I don’t get to chat with my daughter very much.  I was busy.  And I almost missed it.  Maybe it was the Lord that nudged me and said, ‘he’s waiting’.  This time I heard, and thankfully I obeyed and  I now have a new brother in Christ.  
But I wonder how many times I do miss the opportunity because I am busy or because I am not listening.  Lord, help me to be intentional every day and “in tune” with you.  Help me hear and obey.


  1. This is a lesson that we all need to take to heart. Some of the things that weigh on my heart are the missed opportunities.