Monday, January 3, 2011

Mikumi National Park

 When we started on our journey to Tanzania I wasn't sure what extra sites we might see, but after visiting with our friends in Dar es Salaam, we decided to go to Mikumi Game Preserve. We drove about 4and 1/2 hours from Dar to get there. I wanted to start with a picture of Lynn and I together. Before Christmas I realized that we had NO current pictures of us together. I am in a lot of pictures, Lynn is in a lot of pictures, but none with us together.

These are a few of the many pictures we took.  It was so awesome.   There are no rivers running through the park so the animals left when the watering holes dried up.  The rains had just started that previous week and the animals were just then making their way back to the park.

Zebras were everywhere but mostly you see them from behind.

Notice that the warthog eats from a kneeling position.  I guess they don't really have a neck to bend.  They can run quite fast and run with their tail sticking straight up.

 Lots of baboons.  I see them more frequently walking on the ground.

This elephant was totally unconcerned about us as he slowly made his way across the road.

 I kept thinking --this just looks like a herd of cows.  But cape buffalo can be quite dangerous.  They are always aware of who is around.

 Giraffes in the shade.  They are graceful creatures.

Impalas were everywhere.
Thought I would end with one more picture of us together.

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