Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baptism at Lake Victoria - Jan. 23

This past week we have had a team here from Mt. Zion BC, Alabama.  What a blessing!
Friday we had  a food distribution and the opportunity to visit in the homes of those receiving food.  Each of the bags handed out contains 15 lbs of posho,  15 lbs of rice, and 15 lbs. of beans.  That usually lasts a month for an average family.  Many tell that the food gives them the opportunity to save a little for rent or school fees or other things.

Saturday the team went into two different new areas where we will be working for at least the next six months.

Sunday we had a baptism of new believers at Lake Victoria.  Forty people were baptized.  One thing that always happens at a baptism is that there are friends who come along to watch.  Pastor Barry asked if there were any there who had heard and understood the Gospel and were ready to make the commitment to become a born-again Christian. Six or seven responded.

While they are in line waiting their turn to be baptized, everyone loves to sing praises to the Lord.

After the baptism we did also had the Lord’s Supper.

We broke bread and dipped it into the juice.

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