Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Medical in Nairobi

April, 2012
For the past few months Lynn has been irritated by a constant cough.  It had finally gotten to the point that he was gagging and sometimes throwing up.  The worst times were when it happened when he was driving.  He would have to pull over and sit there until the coughing was finished.
Early in April Lynn went to a highly recommended Dr. here in Kampala. She was not sure what was causing the problem but she gave Lynn some meds to try according to her thoughts.  Two weeks later he went back and because we thought there was some slight improvement  she increased what she was giving him and added another 2 prescriptions.  The meds had a very negative effect on him, not helping his cough much, but  causing him to become very disoriented and forgetful.  She was going to send him to a specialist so we contacted our company nurse and appointments were made with doctors in Nairobi.

We spent ten days in Nairobi going to the Drs.  almost every day. By the time we left Lynn was definitely doing better.  The Dr. had also changed his heart medicine and that was also working well.

Aga Khan Hospital
We stayed at the Baptist guest house which is within walking distance to two nice malls. 

Baptist Guest House

Since we did not have our vehicle we spent a lot of time walking.  It was interesting to note some differences in Nairobi and Kampala.  Nairobi is suppose to be more “advanced” - the streets were definitely nicer. 

 More advanced meant better internet, right?  I wish.  We had rain every day and a couple of storms  knocked out the electricity in our part of the guest house for most of the week.  One of the storms -not even a big one - knocked down a tree that just barely missed everything.

But we found ourselves missing Kampala.  We were ready to get back and get to work.

(We have since found out that Lynn's cough was just temporarily gone.  We have been several other places since then and outside of Kampala it is usually better.  We now think, for lack of a better explanation, that the air quality of Kampala is what is causing the cough.  It is dusty and there is always a lot of smoke in the air.  Lynn is coping . . .)

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