Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jesus Film in the Slums

.Sat.  March 10, 2012

Team from Early, Texas

Today was the first day for the Texas team to go out into the community.  After lunch they divided into small groups to go into the Mulago slum area.  The idea was to share the Gospel but also to invite everyone to come back that evening to the school where the Kalerwe church meets.  We planned to show the Jesus film.

Primary School where the Kalerwe Church meets
Lynn raking the ground to get rid of the trash.  Notice the metal fence poles behind him

Lynn and I (Jan) stayed back to get all the equipment set up and ready to go.  Just before sundown we saw a line of dark clouds in the background that seemed to be quickly moving our way.  We  just hoped that a storm would not spoil the evening.

Lynn entertaining the children while we were waiting

Lynn, along with many helpers, set up the screen.  It is a screen which allows people to watch the film from both sides so he set it up away from the buildings.  Just as Lynn finally got it up and secured the wind started blowing and a big gust came and blew the screen down.  Behind the screen a partially completed fence was being built with only tall metal poles in place.  The way the wind blew, the screen toppled over onto one of the poles. That pole ripped the screen right down the middle.  Luckily, Lynn had grabbed the duct tape just as we were leaving our house.   He was able to tape the screen and although it was visible (not as bad as what you would expect) we were able to go ahead.

Screen taped together with duct tape

Pastor Benon and Lynn

 In a few minutes, still before time to start, Lynn and Pastor Benon started the generator.  

It started and in a few minutes quit. 

 Start/ quit. Several times.  

Plenty of fuel.  Connections checked.  Everything checked, but still it would stay on only a couple of minutes at a time.

We finally realized that we were probably facing spir’al wrfare.  Lynn, Pastors Benon and Vincent, and I stopped what we were doing and spent the next few minutes in pryer.

When we tried the generator again to show the film, it started up and never stopped until the whole movie was ended.  After it was over, it stopped not to be started again that night.  

The storm that threatened never came -- just the one big gust of wind.

 The people saw and were mightily moved by the Jesus film.  What a mighty Father we serve!!

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