Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kiwanvu Food Distribution

February 2, 2012
Today was the first month’s distribution out of the next six in a totally new area - Kiwanvu. 

It was a little slow in getting the distribution done, but that gave me time to talk to the women and children that were there.  I also got to meet the team here with Mr. Barry from Houston,Texas.

Pastor Larry, Woodlands, TX  surrounded by little friends 
Vera (l) and her friends want to get to know the "muzungus"
After the names are called out it is time to take the food to the homes.  These are heavy bags.  It takes two people to carry them . . . . 

  . . .or not

This takes a lifetime of practice!

The best part for me is taking the food to the homes of the women and getting to know them.  It often leads to a time of sharing the Gospel.  Today we went to Jane’s house.  Jane has three children, only one who is still home and two grandchildren. We learned that she does have a husband but he lives in a different village.  
She goes to the Church of Uganda  and claims to be a Christian.  I still shared with her C2C(Creation to Christ) and we will follow up on that.  Many believe they are Christians even though they do not have a personal relationship with Christ.

Jane with her cow hoof that she will cook today
Jane makes a living selling food.  Actually, she buys cow hooves, cuts them up, cooks and sells them.  Truthfully, it did NOT look appetizing to me.  But she does have a beautiful smile.  

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  1. Not sure how you define a personal relationship with Christ .. however Church of Uganda is Anglican and definitely Christian by just about any Christian definition