Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Weekend with Friends: Soweto

 Saturday morning
This past weekend was spent with friends, Mike and Audrey, from the Northwest.  They came to see us and what we are doing here in Kampala.  The weekend was so full that I am going to divide it up into segments.  The first morning we walked through the Soweto slum where I work.  It was good to go with them because I am there so much, I don’t ‘see’ what it really looks like.  It was good to see it anew from their eyes. 

Audrey and Mike wanted to share bracelets with the children.  I started to tell them to wait, but I didn’t catch them fast enough.  

At first, there were only a few young children and they were so excited about having something from the ‘mzungus’.

But soon older children came and they crowded around and pushed the younger ones away.  I think everyone received one.

The children loved Mike and hung onto his arms.  I wanted to call him the Pied Piper because he soon had 15-20 kids following everywhere we went.

At my Bible study site we had so many children, we started singing songs in English -- which they didn’t understand.  But one of my ladies, Joscelin, knew the same song in their language so she led them.  

Audrey greeted them and gave an encouraging word from the Bible.

   Pictures seen on the way.

A window in a house on the way
 The sewer system is getting backed up with trash.
                                                                                                Bags of charcoal that is used to cook with.

Chickens sold in the market.

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