Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Basketball fun

Ever since we have been here in Kampala, Lynn would look at the broken basketball hoops and want to get them fixed so everyone can play. This is really funny to me because Lynn was a wrestling coach for his whole school career and always made fun of basketball. But he saw this as a way to develop relationships.

So, Lynn went to town to look. At the store everything was way tooooo expensive so he went and bought the wood and a woodworker made the backboards, edged and painted them. He took the basketball hoop and asked if a metal worker could make another one just like it. Sure. The hard part was getting them attached to the poles. But with a little help that was done, too.

Now everyone wants to learn how to play basketball. It HAS been a great relationship builder. It has been fun to get everyone playing “horse”. We haven’t gotten all the rules down yet because it is still too hard to dribble on our rocky, grassy court. But soon. . . .

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