Saturday, January 9, 2010

First week in Uganda

We have not had internet so this is going to be the first three days in one blog.

Jan. 5
We arrived! We left Dallas on Mon. 4th of January at about 5:30 pm. We had a nine-hour flight to London and it wasn't too bad. (access to music, movies, a meal). We got off the plane there to freezing weather and boarded a bus to go to the terminal. There we met our friends, the Taylors, who were also going to Uganda. The second part of the flight was another nine hours. We arrived at Entebbe at about 10:15-ish, got in line to get our visas, retrieved our 7 pieces of luggage, helped the Taylors with their 17 pieces of luggage, and finally we were on our way to our new home in Kampala. We arrived at about 1 a.m. to find flowers on the table and some food in the frig. to get us started. Welcome to Kampala!

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Jan. 6
This morning we got up hearing birds out in our backyard giving their wakeup call. They sound African! It is really beautiful here. We have a variety of trees, flowers, sounds, and smells. Lynn has already spotted the hawks living in the tree next to our house. We live on a hill and from our balcony you can see downtown Kampala. It looks like lots of white buildings with red tile roofs.

I took my malaria pill first thing this morning. Oops! Didn't follow the instructions -- within 20-30 minutes I was throwing up. (I know better now). Lynn and I met our company staff and then mostly hung around trying to recover from jet lag. We bounced forward about 8 hours (from Dallas) and our bodies haven't figured it out yet.

Jan. 7
Today we went to town. Yikes!! Traffic, driving on the wrong (left) side of the road. Buses, cars, taxis trying to squeeze in, and boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) all trying to get ahead of each other. I am NOT ready to drive here. I was lost the whole time.

But we did get some shillings (Ugandan money), and some groceries -- including lots of fresh fruit. Fresh pineapple, papayas, oranges, mangos, and bananas. Love it! We also got our new phones. Everyone has cell phones here. Ours cost $138,000 shillings! Go figure. Actually about $35 a piece. We can even make calls home.

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